Real Estate Easy Life, LLC focuses on building relationships with private lenders like you. We help you sell your loans to recapitalize and redeploy that cash to make more deals and more money.

See our BLOG to learn about some of the best practices when creating private notes. You can give yourself MULTIPLE EXIT OPTIONS when selling your note other than just waiting for the loan to mature to collect your money. You’ll need to know the things that affect your ability to sell your loan. Things such as: length of loan, loan volume, and stringent underwriting requirements. Every note is different and every buyer is different. We can help you navigate the sometimes complicated and always time-consuming channels on the path to financial freedom.


I got into real estate investing initially as a wholesaler. The original idea for the company name was REST EASY LIFE.

The core value of the company came first: I wanted to create an easy life for my customers as well as for myself. AND I like to keep things simple… So Ease and Simplify was the key.

Fun Fact: I love me some acronyms.

The main focus of the company is: Real Estate Solutions To Ease And Simplify Your LIFE, which creates the acronym: REST EASY LIFE.

I thought this was brilliant until I started telling people about my company and saying the name out loud. It sounds more like a funeral home than a place to sell your note!!

Rest Easy Life… OY VEY… That wasn’t going to work!

I still offer Solutions to Ease and Simplify Your LIFE, but had to come up with a new company name that didn’t make people think I was selling burial plots! Keeping with the theme of Ease and Simplify, I just changed “Rest” to Real Estate and the new company name was born!

When I transitioned to mortgage notes, the company focus stayed the same: Solutions to Ease and Simplify your LIFE.

If you want an easy and simple way to sell your note so you can recapitalize and redeploy that cash, fill in the FORM and let’s get started!

Me and my crazy Puppies will help unburden you so you can sell that house.
David Rosenhaus, Curator of Notes
with Izzy and Angel

I’m David, and with me are Izzy (aka “the worm”, because he worms his way into everyone’s heart) and Angel (who has grown into a grumpy old man, but can still make everyone laugh to bust a gut).

As a super-sappy doggy daddy, fairness and honesty is embedded in my soul. If I don’t buy your loan myself, I will find a best-match reputable buyer for you to get you top dollar.

You provide the paperwork, and I do all the legwork to get it sold. There is NO CHARGE TO YOU for this service. The buyer covers the due diligence costs.

Just go to the FORM to get started.

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